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A Quick Visit Back at AOL Headquarters

I happened to be in Ashburn for lunch today. On my way back to the office, I got a wild hair and decided to swing by the old AOL campus. I haven’t done this since I left in 2007, now more than 10 years. There isn’t a security gate at headquarters anymore, so I just […]

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A New Kind of Marketing Company – The Embedded Digital Agency

This is Loudoun Digital My name is Steve Gaitten, and this is Loudoun Digital. Loudoun Digital is a marketing and advertising services company. We specialize in digital marketing, including management of Paid Search (Google, Bing, Amazon etc.), Social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, etc.), Search Engine Optimization and all things digital. Other popular services are drone […]

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FreshBooks is a Great Solution for Accounting & Project Management for Small Business

  Back in April of 2018, more out of necessity than ambition, I hung out my own shingle and started a small business called Loudoun Digital. Loudoun Digital is a marketing consultancy company specializing in digital marketing and social media. Within weeks the business was growing by leaps and bounds. I needed a professional solution […]

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It’s Time to Get Hyper and Dominate Your Business Category

What if I told you that I could increase the organic reach of your business through social media by 5,000% in 1 week? What if I told you that I could increase the engagement of your audience on social channels by 200% in the same time frame? What if I told you that you can […]