A Quick Visit Back at AOL Headquarters

A Quick Visit Back at AOL Headquarters

I happened to be in Ashburn for lunch today. On my way back to the office, I got a wild hair and decided to swing by the old AOL campus. I haven’t done this since I left in 2007, now more than 10 years. There isn’t a security gate at headquarters anymore, so I just rolled right up to the front door.

A lot of feelings, emotions and memories came back in a flash. I spent almost 15 years at AOL and those years will always be a highlight of my life. We were all so fortunate to be there. We gained a lot, if if we didn’t hold onto all of it.

To all my former colleagues and friends, I say thank you again for what we did together at America Online. No regrets. I suppose you can never go home again, but who says you can’t stop in for a selfie every once in awhile.

Special thanks to Steve Case, Ted Leonsis, Katherine Borsecnik, Bill Youstra, Rob Shenk and all the people who gave me the chance to be a part of that amazing story — I suppose very much including my kid sister Christy. Thoughts for my most special friends, including Lars Klores, Anthony Dobranski, Brian Murphy, John Keeling and the dozens of dear friends I wish I still got to see every day.

Very best to all.

A New Kind of Marketing Company – The Embedded Digital Agency

This is Loudoun Digital

Steve Gaitten, Founder & Principal @Loudoun Digital
Loudoun Digital Founder & Principal, Steve Gaitten

My name is Steve Gaitten, and this is Loudoun Digital. Loudoun Digital is a marketing and advertising services company. We specialize in digital marketing, including management of Paid Search (Google, Bing, Amazon etc.), Social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, etc.), Search Engine Optimization and all things digital. Other popular services are drone photography and video editing. We don’t just do digital. My team includes deep expertise in traditional media, including television, radio, print and outdoor. Our slogan, “Putting it all altogether” represents our skill at fitting clients with a custom strategy and do whatever it takes to ensure success. We are metrics oriented, data-driven and focused on ROI. Our goal is 20X value.

My Background

I was one of the early employees at America Online in the mid-1990s. At age 27, I helped introduce the world to what would become the Internet. I earned 3 US patents for my innovative work at AOL. I led the launch of the first online banking application in partnership with Bank of America. I developed online trading software with Charles Schwab. Later at AOL, I led product development for AOL’s Social Media & Messaging division — at a time when Facebook, Twitter, and the social web were just getting started.

After more than 10 years on the forefront of the Internet revolution, I left AOL to get entrepreneurial again. For the next 10 years, I led marketing and Internet operations for a handful of small, high growth companies across a number of verticals including Enterprise Software & Collaboration, Higher Education, Automotive, Environmental & Health & Safety and more. A distinctive quality of my experience is versatility and adaptability. I have successfully applied digital best practices in many varied contexts.

The Future of Loudoun Digital

Loudoun Digital has quickly grown into a network of world-class marketing specialists. I’ve hired my favorite people, the best of the best. We kill it every day for our clients because we love what we do. Our company is virtual, remote, nimble and efficient. We leverage the latest technology to deliver results that matter. We add new expertise and new capabilities every day. We are an “embedded agency”. We work on site, alongside our clients. We consider ourselves part of your team. We live and breath the same air as you. We interface directly with your clients.

Thank You!

My business exists because of the trust and friendship of our clients. As regularly as we can, we thank each and every client and vendor for their support and partnership. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Loudoun Digital. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

FreshBooks is a Great Solution for Accounting & Project Management for Small Business


Back in April of 2018, more out of necessity than ambition, I hung out my own shingle and started a small business called Loudoun Digital. Loudoun Digital is a marketing consultancy company specializing in digital marketing and social media. Within weeks the business was growing by leaps and bounds. I needed a professional solution for accounting, invoicing and project management immediately.

I asked some more experienced friends and got a bunch of random answers. I did a quick search on Google and luckily stumbled into Freshbooks.com

I don’t know much about accounting or project management. But I picked up Freshbooks immediately. The interface was intuitive and easy to use. I started rocking the invoices and soon adapted Freshbooks as my solution to time tracking and project management.

In 90 days I’ve added multiple clients and contractors. Freshbooks has kept pace with the breakneck speed of our growth. All the functionality we need is right there. Once or twice I’ve┬áhad a few questions. Freshbooks support is A++. A smart, helpful, knowledgeable person was on the phone with me instantly, guiding me quickly to the functionality I needed.

This is great software, obviously created by people who have run a small business before. It’s delightful to use. I bill and manage time with total confidence. Extended functionality facilitating payments works perfectly.

As one of the early employees at America Online back in the mid-1990s, I am passionate about great software, a great user interface, and great customer service. Freshbooks is world-class all the way. Loudoun Digital is powered by Freshbooks — more than just metaphorically. As a thank you for my business, they sent me this awesome mobile device charger. What an incredibly thoughtful and useful gift! I LOVE IT. I can’t recommend this software highly enough. Thanks, team Freshbooks. You guys are KILLING IT!!


It’s Time to Get Hyper and Dominate Your Business Category

Steve Gaitten, Founder & Principal @Loudoun Digital
Loudoun Digital Founder & Principal, Steve Gaitten

What if I told you that I could increase the organic reach of your business through social media by 5,000% in 1 week?

What if I told you that I could increase the engagement of your audience on social channels by 200% in the same time frame?

What if I told you that you can achieve these kinds of results immediately without paying a dime to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?

I know, it sounds way too good to be true. But it is true and I can prove it to you. I have been doing this for almost 20 years and have helped create some of the fastest growing local businesses. I call this strategy “Hyper Social Marketing”, and I can’t wait to tell you more.

Now it’s my mission and business to teach others how to achieve the same results. This strategy can work in virtually any business category or industry vertical. Yes, we can supercharge these results with a broad range of additional services, including website design, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Here are the early details on how you can work with me.

Hyper Social Basics – $3,000.00 per Month, Minimum Engagement of 60 Days

No Risk Opt Out After 30 Days – If You’re Not Completely Convinced After 1 Month, There is No Additional Cost Beyond Our First Month of Services

What you get:

  • 1-3 hour onsite consultation and discovery session
  • Two more 1-3 hour training session for you and participating critical staff members
  • (1) Free set of the world’s most effective social media system. Low tech, literally anyone can use it. It’s laughably simple, but I will give you the equipment you need for free.
  • Ongoing on-demand telephone, email and optional social collaboration (e.g. Slack, Basecamp, your preference) support
  • We will produce quality, lasting durable marketing assets (e.g. videos, images, blog posts, etc.) that will help you market your business for years
  • All of the relevant reporting necessary to prove the impact of the program directly from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Advanced Hyper Social – $5,0000 per Month, Minimum Engagement of 90 Days

No Risk Opt Out After 30 Days – If You’re Not Completely Convinced After 1 Month, There is No Additional Cost Beyond Our First Month of Services

What else do you get with the Advanced Package? Category exclusivity. You will be contractually guaranteed to be the only client of Loudoun Digital in your business category or industry. This exclusivity can be negotiated or defined to suit your needs. If you want to be the only restaurant, plumber, automotive dealership, etc. etc. in your defined geographic region to work with Loudoun Digital, you can lock us up for term of the engagement + 12 months. If you engage us for at least 3 months, we won’t work with any of your competitors for at least 1 year.


True Believer – $10,000 per Month, Minimum Engagement 12 Months

No Risk Opt Out After 30 Days – If You’re Not Completely Convinced After 1 Month, There is No Additional Cost Beyond Our First Month of Services

Free Drone Included!If you already know that Hyper Social is the secret to exponential growth for your business, this is the “All In” package. If you want hyper social, but only want to work with the guy who invented it, this is the deal. In addition to category exclusivity, I will personally deliver and administer the program. I will be on-site at your facility and working alongside you to ensure success. As an additional incentive, if you purchase this program, I’m going to throw in a free drone and train you or your team to use it. I recommend the DJI Mavic Pro as an incredibly useful tool for most businesses. You’ll get one for free. So, in addition to having a rockstar digital marketing expert at your side helping you to grow your business, you’ll have the coolest, most fun toy to play with. This unit currently retails around $2,000.


Act Now

The world of digital marketing strategy is constantly evolving. These strategies work today and provide an astounding ROI. This isn’t going to last forever. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and dozens of other big, smart, well financed companies are moving aggressively to make you pay more to achieve these results. But for at least the next 12-18 months the opportunities are almost unlimited. Call me today on cell at 571-209-7842 for a free consultation. Send me an email at gaitten@gmail.com and tell me about your challenges and goals.

Sorry, We’re Growing Fast But Have Limited Capacity – Select Clients Only

Loudoun Digital is just a few months old and the response has been overwhelming. I am rapidly building staff and training new consultants. I am dedicated to only working with the select clients who will commit to the program. I only want to be affiliated with the best businesses and service providers. Let me know if you’re interested. Step up if you’re committed. I sincerely apologize if we are not immediately available to serve everyone who is interested.